CABI contributes to coffee agenda at IACO 2021 Annual Meeting

Panel discussion
CABI has participated in the 61st IACO 2021 Annual Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, aimed at showcasing the important role coffee plays in the socio-economic development of 25 African coffee producing nations spanning the continent. Dr Morris Akiri, Senior Regional Director, CABI Africa, moderated a high-level panel discussion drawing upon the…
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Farmers’ crops are increasingly at the mercy of climate change, pests and diseases. PlantwisePlus will work to help countries predict, prepare for and prevent potential threats and reduce crop losses. We will provide comprehensive support to countries and farmers so they meet the increasing global demand for quality food in a changing…
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Investigating technological risks in development and food security

Food insecurity, caused by increases in the global population and the loss of arable land due to climate change and conflicts, pose a major risk to human lives and well-being, especially in the Global South. While technologies have been introduced to tackle food insecurity, it is understood that unintended risks,…
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Building the policy ecosystem for organic production in Balochistan, Pakistan

Sectoral approaches to land management (increasing production, for instance) are no longer viable to meet global challenges such as poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation and food production due to mounting pressures from population increases and climate change. Organic production, however, is a more profitable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to agriculture that…
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Capacity building of small-scale potato growers in Punjab, Pakistan

Potato is an important crop in Pakistan for both consumers and producers. It is nutritious, produces high returns and there is a potential to increase yields by using good potato cultivation practices. However, a lack of knowledge concerning these is inhibiting many smallholder farmers in their effort to raise productivity.…
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Effects of credit guarantee scheme in opening up lending to smallholder coffee cooperatives in Ethiopia examined

Coffee in Ethiopia 1
CABI coffee value chain experts have led new research which examines the effects of a partial credit guarantee scheme in increasing lending to credit constrained farmer cooperatives in Ethiopia – Africa’s largest coffee producer and the world’s third and fifth largest producer and exporter of Arabica coffee, respectively. The study,…
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