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Using science to solve global challenges

Our science finds practical solutions to the most pressing problems in agriculture and the environment, whether it’s working out how to stop pests destroying a crop or measuring the effects invasive species are having in a specific region.

Our scientific publications are used by international researchers, extension workers and policy makers to improve knowledge in the life sciences and international development

Scientists in the field

CABI scientific outputs

Abstracts of CABI’s extensive science output are openly accessible to external users and it is possible to search for what CABI's scientists have published on a particular subject.

You will find nearly all CABI publications since 2000, and many from the last century.

Working papers

Our working papers cover any aspect of our mission, and provide an outlet for thought leadership pieces, reports on project work, historical documents, proceedings and others.

They are peer-reviewed, and make important information publically available that is either too premature or unsuitable for peer-reviewed journals.

Scientist in the field in Pakistan
Survey of coffee farmers

Our social science

Monitoring and evaluation is a key part of our project work and is becoming increasingly important for effective project management.

Good monitoring and evaluation allows teams to learn and improve at the operational, strategic and conceptual level. Evidence of outcomes and impacts ensures value for money and supports fundraising efforts.

Our study brief series demonstrates the results of our social science work and how we are helping farmers globally.

Photograph through a microscope of tuber aestivum

Our science strategy

Our science strategy guides how we deliver all our scientific activities while our annual science report demonstrates our progress. The strategy was based on an external review process.


Annual science report

CABI's annual science report provides details of our performance in publishing science and measures the quality and impact of our scientific outputs.

An overripe cocoa pod is posed for a photo in Village Candikesuma, Mordingsari Hamlet in Jembaran, Bali, Indonesia.

Our monitoring and evaluation strategy

The CABI monitoring and evaluation strategy sets out CABI’s approach to measuring and optimising the results of interventions, ensures relevance and efficiency in the implementation and that we learn what works, what doesn’t and why, in a particular context.