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CABI Academy

Strengthening plant health systems through digital learning

The CABI Academy brings together CABI’s expertise in crop health, agricultural advisory services and digital development to create a range of online training courses and certifications that develop and build plant health skills.

Our interactive digital courses allow individuals, students, teachers and trainers in agricultural education institutions and the workplace to grow knowledge so they can provide the best possible advice to farmers.

The Skills Framework for Agriculture underpins all our courses. It identifies the key skills agricultural extension workers and agri-dealer employees require to perform their roles successfully.

Our accredited programmes combine the strengths of CABI and the University of Neuchâtel to deliver high-quality, tutor-led courses leading to recognised qualifications.

CABI Academy

We partner with world-leading universities, research organisations, and businesses – taking up-to-date knowledge and turning it into practical, action-based resources and learning activities.

The CABI Academy is driven by CABI’s mission:

  • - To contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals
  • - To share knowledge
  • - To work in partnership
  • - To focus on people
  • - To work for the long term
  • - To be objective and impartial


Contact the CABI Academy to discuss how Education and Training can play their part in sustainable change.

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