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Training Consultancy

Our training consultancy service can design and optimise training programs for your organisation.

Whilst CABI has designed the CABI Academy courses to be used globally, we also recognise that there will be specific local needs.

Our team of expert learning consultants and designers is available to work with country governments, universities, non-profits and commercial organisations to create and host high-quality, bespoke courses and certifications.

Where relevant, we can also host your materials on the CABI Academy platform, and make them available to your target audience.

Project Phases

Our phased approach allows all parties to minimise the risk from untested assumptions.

The length of each phase will depend greatly on the size and complexity of the project, ranging from a few days to several months.


Via a series of discovery workshops we will work with you to uncover:

  • The problem you want to solve
  • Success measures
  • Current state
  • Technical and cultural landscape
  • Assumptions

The output from these workshops will be a costed proposal for the Alpha phase.


During the Alpha phase we will create a series of prototype solutions to test the riskiest assumptions.

Working with your experts and, most importantly, with your learners, we will define the best solution for the problem identified during Discovery.

The output from the Alpha phase will be a costed plan and proposal for creating the full solution during the Beta phase.


During the Beta phase, we will work with you to build the complete solution, using the lessons learned during Alpha.

Ideally, we would test the solution with real users as it is being developed. This maximises the likelihood that people will find it useful.

The output from the Beta phase will be a complete solution designed to solve the problem identified earlier in the process.


When the solution is live we will continue to support you and your users to help them gain maximum benefit.

We provide a learning platform, as well as an integrated help desk.

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