Sustainable crop production with PlantwisePlus

Our vision

A world where smallholder farmers are empowered to manage evolving plant health threats, increase their incomes, improve food security and safety, and reduce biodiversity loss.

The challenge

Without smarter tools and processes for surveillance and mitigation, pest and invasive species outbreaks continue to threaten food security.

There is poor awareness on the hazards of excessive pesticide use among farmers, agricultural service providers. There is also not enough access to effective and affordable lower-risk alternatives to hazardous pesticides.

There are not enough public extension workers to reach smallholder farmers with the crop advice they need, when they need it. In addition, many agro-input dealers lack the capacity to provide accurate diagnoses and sound crop health advice.

How we will do it

PlantwisePlus is tackling these challenges head-on by following three key impact pathways:

Pest preparedness


Coordinating and strengthening systems for detection and response to pest outbreaks

Pesticide risk reduction


Increasing awareness of, access to and use of affordable integrated pest management solutions

Farmer advisory


Enhancing knowledge and uptake of integrated pest management practices through responsive digital advisory tools

Where we work

PlantwisePlus aims to reach 75 million smallholder farmers in 27 countries, providing them with access to the knowledge and skills they need to improve their production practices.

Woman farmer in Ghana