Pesticide Risk Reduction

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To respond to the needs of farmers and the systems that support them, PlantwisePlus helps countries to predict, prevent, and prepare for plant health threats and reduce crop losses. Delivered through gender-sensitive and climate-resilient approaches, PlantwisePlus is tackling the challenges facing smallholder production through three impact pathways:

The Pesticide Risk Reduction pathway

Due to increasing plant health threats, more pesticides are used every year around the world. PlantwisePlus recognizes the urgent need to increase the uptake of lower-risk plant protection products by farmers.

The Pesticide risk reduction pathway is focused on raising awareness of, access to, and use of affordable integrated pest management solutions.

By working closely with national and local government entities, commercial enterprises, and farmers, we identify opportunities to reduce pesticide-related risks.

This includes identifying and implementing classical biocontrol methods and harnessing the potential of augmentative biocontrol and biopesticide solutions to reduce the impact of priority pests.

Phthorimaea absoluta in Kenya

Raising awareness of pesticide risk

Using policy streaming and awareness raising, PlantwisePlus will support plant health staekholders to learn about pesticide risk, and identify lower-risk plant protection products.


Safe and sustainable crop protection

Smallholder farmers will have access to and apply safer crop production practices such as biological control and biopesticides.


Increased uptake of integrated pest management solutions

Through better support from PlantwisePlus, stakeholders throughout the farming community will have a better understanding of IPM practices and be empowered to promote safer alternatives.

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Insights into farmer group effectiveness for promoting the adoption of safe food production standards

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Published in Study Brief 46: Learning

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PlantwisePlus Annual Report 2022

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