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To respond to the needs of farmers and the systems that support them, PlantwisePlus helps countries to predict, prevent, and prepare for plant health threats and reduce crop losses. Delivered through gender-sensitive and climate-resilient approaches, PlantwisePlus is tackling the challenges facing smallholder production through three impact pathways:

The Pest Preparedness pathway

PlantwisePlus supports the development and enhancement of processes that enable countries and regional organizations to quickly and effectively identify, prioritize and respond to pest threats, integrating the latest information on pest distribution and climate change models.

The programme will support countries to develop and implement coordinated plans for responding to priority crop health threats before they arrive and to share timely and accurate advice with smallholder farmers through tailored pest risk alerting systems.

The pest preparedness pathway addresses the need for a more coordinated rapid response at regional, national and local levels to pest outbreaks. The prioritization element will also identify key pests for which to develop, test and promote biological control options.

Phthorimaea absoluta in Kenya

Pest threat prioritization

Supporting national and regional authorities to coordinate and implement prioritized pest prevention actions and climate-resilient pest management plans.


Mitigating pest outbreaks

By strengthening national and regional plant health systems, pest threats and outbreaks are mitigated.


Coordinated pest preparedness

Pest prioritization and risk assessment will inform a coordinated rapid response, sharing alerts and advice with smallholder farmers.

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PlantwisePlus Annual Report 2022

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