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To respond to the needs of farmers and the systems that support them, PlantwisePlus helps countries to predict, prevent, and prepare for plant health threats and reduce crop losses. Delivered through gender-sensitive and climate-resilient approaches, PlantwisePlus is tackling the challenges facing smallholder production through three impact pathways:

The Farmer Advisory pathway

The Farmer Advisory pathway is focused on enhancing knowledge and uptake of integrated pest management (IPM) practices through responsive digital advisory tools.

PlantwisePlus is equipping agricultural service providers with gender-equitable resources and decision-support tools, empowering them to effectively share their IPM expertise with farmers.

The programme will enhance its suite of digital tools, ensuring that essential information and learning materials are easily accessible for plant health monitoring and management.

In addition, we will continue to support PlantwisePlus countries in maintaining the functioning of plant health systems. Collaborating with government licensing schemes for agro-input dealers, we identify knowledge gaps concerning plant health and IPM practices and adapt our training materials accordingly.

Furthermore, PlantwisePlus supports rural youth, women, and men in developing and pursuing new income-generating opportunities within agricultural service provision.


Supporting agri-service providers

PlantwisePlus supports the diverse range of agri-service providers to improve their advisory capabilities on IPM, through both digital and non-digital approaches. And to pursue related income-generating opportunities.


Reducing crop losses

With access to more accurate advice and information from advisory services, smallholder farmers are able to adopt more sustainable crop production practices, thereby reducing crop losses and producing more food.


Effective farmer advisory

Better-informed and more knowledgeable agri-service providers are able to access new business opportunties and are empowered to support more smallholder farmers in their community.

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