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We share knowledge to improve lives worldwide

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Our vision is a world where the sharing of agricultural and environmental knowledge empowers people and protects the planet.


CABI in Review 2023 tells the stories of our work and achievements, reporting on its impact on farmers, extension workers, scientists, policymakers and professional practitioners.

A global platform that is transforming agriculture, food systems, and climate change through evidence-based policy. It combines the power of artificial and human intelligence to accelerate decision-making in agrifood systems and climate adaptation.

The largest free global resource of country-registered biocontrol and biopesticide products. We aim to help growers and agricultural advisors select sustainable crop pest control products, by identifying, sourcing and correctly applying biological products.

Our focus

Helping people get access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. Helping farmers grow more and lose less to pests and diseases. Supporting farmers' access to markets and nature-positive solutions to crop production and protection.

Climate resilient food and nutrition production, utilizing and conserving a healthy landscape and properly-functioning ecosystems.

Creating a world in which women, youth and marginalised communities are included and treated equally in agricultural production, thus reducing youth unemployment and poverty.

Developing nature-based solutions, including biological control solutions, for pests and diseases that minimize environmental harm, helping to protect and restore global ecosystems and biodiversity.

Combining original scientific research, scientific publishing, journalism and practical expertise to increase the reach, application and impact of science to benefit agriculture and the environment.