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Our small North American team concentrate on business development, selling and promoting our publishing products, and supporting our North American customers.


CABI has three staff members in its team based in the USA. They are:

  • Kirk Shirley, Head of Strategic Partnerships, the Americas
  • Hope Jansen, Head of Sales, the Americas
  • Merle Adelson, Sales Operations Executive

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200 Portland Street, Boston, MA 02114, USA

T: +1 (617) 682 9015

Centre staff

Hope Jansen

Head of Sales, the Americas

Merle Adelson

Sales Operations Executive, USA and South America

Kirk Shirley

Head of Strategic Partnerships, the Americas

Juan Carlos Silva

Regional Sales Manager, Central America and Peru

Centre News & Blogs


Using compost to grow better cotton in Pakistan: a farmer's story

13th June 2022

Better livelihoods sought for smallholder onion farmers

9th June 2022

Launching a career in science journalism

30th May 2022

CABI contributes to infographic revealing impacts of COVID-19 on farm households in Pakistan

25th May 2022

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Stemming the spread of Russian olive

Russian olive is a significant invasive weed in North America but is perceived as a useful and attractive tree by some stakeholders. It is especially a problem in western parts of the USA where it affects many natural habitats, altering the ecosystem and its functions. Biological control is a useful approach in such circumstances because scientists can look for natural enemies that damage reproduction, and thus future spread, without damaging established trees.

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