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Working in partnership for a sustainable future

Operating under a UN-registered international treaty-level agreement, CABI's core areas of work are guided and influenced by its 48 Member Countries who each have a role in shaping CABI's future direction.

We greatly value the partnership with our Member Countries and an international network that represents almost two-thirds of the world’s population.

CABI Member Country membership

Membership of CABI enables national governments to play an active role in directing and influencing the global development agenda through our work and our network of partners.

Our members set CABI’s strategic direction in development, research and scientific publishing, helping Member Countries tackle their problems in agriculture and the environment while addressing global issues of concern such as food and nutrition security, gender equity and climate change.

Member Country delegation discussing

Already a Member Country?

Access details on your membership benefits package (including free consultancy, microbial identification services and free, or discounted, publishing, compendia and database products), key documents and other useful information.

Member Country benefits

Membership of CABI can be seen as an international extension of Member Countries' existing capabilities. We can also help link Member Countries, donors and partners, to facilitate triangular and multilateral collaboration and regional and international development initiatives.

In addition, membership also provides privileged access to projects, products and services relating to our scientific expertise and resources.


Become a member

Interested countries can contribute to and benefit from what we do by joining CABI as an Associate Member Country or as a Full Member Country.

Contact us

For any information or queries about CABI membership, please contact our Membership Director, Dr Qiaoqiao Zhang.

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Qiaoqiao Zhang

Memberships Director

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