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Regular meetings and events for member country representatives include:

  • Quarterly Update Briefings by CABI CEO (Virtual)
  • Review Conferences
  • Executive Council Meetings
  • Regional Consultations
  • CABI open days

Quarterly Update Briefings by CABI CEO (Virtual)

CABI’s quarterly update briefings are via videoconference and are for all Liaison Officers and Executive Council delegates. These briefings will be aligned with the CABI Governing Board calendar (June, October and December) to augment the face-to-face Executive Council meeting in March so that Member Countries can be made aware of business and financial progress, risks and opportunities, as well as key decisions and recommendations made by the Board.

Upcoming events

  • 2024: 12th June, 10th October | Virtual

Past events

  • 2024: 25th January | Virtual
  • 2023: 26th January, 22nd June, 5th October | Virtual
  • 2022: 20th January, 28th July, 19th October | Virtual
  • 2021: 12th January, 13th July, 20th October | Virtual
  • 2020: 20th October | Virtual

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Executive Council meetings

The Executive Council approves CABI’s annual accounts and budgets, the admission of new members and key policy decisions. The Executive Council usually meets once a year with additional postal or email communication as necessary to monitor CABI’s affairs and to implement Review Conference resolutions. 

Upcoming events

  • 2025: To be confirmed

Past events

  • 2024: 7th March | Virtual
  • 2023: 2nd March | Virtual
  • 2022: 3rd March | Virtual
  • 2021: 4th March | Virtual
  • 2021: 4th February (Executive Council Sub-Committee Meeting) | Virtual
  • 2020: 4th March | Hallam Conference Centre, London
  • 2019: 20th February | Hallam Conference Centre, London
  • 2018: 7th February | Hallam Conference Centre, London

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Review Conferences

The overall governance of CABI comes from the Review Conference of Member Countries, which reviews CABI’s work programmes and determines our broad policies and strategies. Review Conferences enable CABI to listen and engage directly with our Member Countries.

Our 21st Review Conference was held in Oxford, UK on the 27-28 September, 2022. CABI’s Medium-Term Strategy 2023-2025 was presented and agreed on, following discussions with our Member Countries through our Regional Consultations. Joint plans for work on some of the greatest challenges include food security, climate change, biodiversity loss and gender inequality.

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Regional Consultations

We regularly hold consultations to understand the key issues affecting agriculture and the environment in our Member Countries. Together, we develop priority areas in which CABI has the capability to address in some way. As previously, the consultation meetings aim to align our work with national and regional needs, develop frameworks for activities and set a path to ensure these are appropriately funded, resourced and translated into vital and effective programmes.

Regional Consultations take place in Africa, Asia and the Americas and Caribbean.

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CABI open days

Familiarisation visits for London-based Executive Council members can be arranged. To find out more, please contact Dr Qiaoqiao Zhang, Memberships Director.