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PlantwisePlus in Ghana

Around 70% of farmers in Ghana are smallholders, playing a pivotal role in food and cash crop production. PlantwisePlus is working to empower these smallholder farmers to produce more high-quality crops sustainably.

PlantwisePlus activities in Ghana are working to improve extension services for the country's female farmers, who have limited access to extension services due to various challenges. Other key projects include assessing natural enemies and parasitism of the invasive fall armyworm, which has ravaged crops in the region.

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Assessing the Potential of Inoculative Field Releases of Telenomus remus to Control Spodoptera frugiperda in Ghana

Type Journal article

Published in Insects 2021, 12(8), 665

Language English

Year 2021

Gender and Rural Advisory Services Assessment in Ghana

Type Project report

Language English

Year 2022

Fall armyworm management: lessons learnt from Ghana

Type Study brief

Published in Study Brief 40: Impact

Language English

Year 2021

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Delivered through gender-sensitive and climate-resilient approaches, PlantwisePlus is tackling the challenges facing smallholder production through three impact pathways: Pest PreparednessPesticide Risk Reduction, and Farmer Advisory.

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