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PlantwisePlus in Kenya

Smallholder farming in Kenya is pivotal in the country's agricultural landscape, contributing significantly to food security and rural livelihoods.

PlantwisePlus works with partners to empower farmers to have increased incomes and grow safer and higher-quality food through sustainable approaches to crop production. Key projects in Kenya include the successful release of a biocontrol agent to mitigate the impact of papaya mealybug and training young people in agri-service provision.

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The Role of Plantwise in Improving Detection and Action on Pest Situations

Type Book chapter

Published in Chapter 14, pp. 245-251. In: Sustainable Management of Invasive Pests in Africa

Language English

Year 2020

Plantwise: improving food security through better Plant Health System

Type Book chapter

Published in Precision Phytopathology: Frontiers of Science. Published by Fundao de Estudos e Pesquisas Ambientais e Florestais (FEPAF), Brazil, 187–211

Language English

Year 2019

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Delivered through gender-sensitive and climate-resilient approaches, PlantwisePlus is tackling the challenges facing smallholder production through three impact pathways: Pest PreparednessPesticide Risk Reduction, and Farmer Advisory.

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