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About the CABI Academy

Strengthening plant health systems through digital learning


The CABI Academy brings together CABI’s expertise in crop health, agricultural advisory services and digital development to create a range of online training courses and certifications that build capacity and strengthen the advice available to farmers.

Our work in education and training includes online courses, accredited tutor-led programmes, the skills framework for agriculture and training consultancy.


The CABI Academy is part of CABI’s PlantwisePlus programme.

PlantwisePlus is a global programme working to increase incomes and grow safer and higher quality food through sustainable approaches to crop production.

Working in close partnership with relevant actors, PlantwisePlus strengthens national plant health systems from within, enabling countries to provide farmers with the knowledge they need to lose less and feed more.

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Our work is made possible by our commercial customers, and by our donors.

Our donors enable us to provide support to countries and farmers so they can reduce crop losses and meet the increasing demand for safer, quality food.

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