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Skills Framework for Agriculture

CABI’s Skills Framework for Agriculture (SfA) provides the foundation for our courses and certifications.

The SfA framework is designed to help organisations to assess skills gaps, and prepare training plans and job descriptions.

It can also be used by individuals to identify their own skills gaps and career pathways.

Skills Framework for Agriculture Principles


The Skills Framework for Agriculture is becoming the globally accepted common language for the skills and competencies for the agricultural world. Within its scope will be many of the occupations in the agricultural sector:

• Smallholder farmer
• Extension worker
• Agronomist
• Agricultural input supplier
• Farm equipment supplier

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A Common Language


The Skills Framework for Agriculture provides a common language throughout the skills management cycle.

This improves communication and understanding for all involved e.g. line management, HR and employees.

By using the Skills Framework for Agriculture, organisations can achieve a consistent and integrated skills and people management approach.

How the Skills Framework for Agriculture works

At the core of the Skills Framework for Agriculture is a comprehensive set of descriptions of professional skills and generic attributes.

It uses a similar model to the well-established Skills for the Information Age (SfIA). Each skill is described by up to seven levels of responsibility, with gradually increasing autonomy, influence and complexity.

A global initiative

The SfA has been generously supported by many organisations within the agriculture space. We are also very grateful to the SfIA Foundation for their advice and support.

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