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Introduction to Bioprotection Products Course

The Introduction to Bioprotection Products online course explains what bioprotection products are and how they work in the field. It draws on CABI’s extensive experience in developing scientifically sound biological control solutions to control crop pests and diseases.


Cost: FREE
Time: 8-10 hours

What you will learn about: 

• What bioprotection products are and how they work
• Using bioprotection products to monitor pest insects
• Safety information and interpreting product labels
• How to transport and store bioprotection products
• Application and interpretation of results

Who the course is for: Anyone wanting to learn more about using and applying bioprotection products.

Getting started on the CABI Academy

•  Create a CABI Academy account

• Login to your account

• Navigate directly to the Introduction to Bioprotection Products course. You will be able to access all the modules.

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• Accessible: Access the materials online or download via our platform’s mobile app for use offline

• Flexible: Use the materials for step-by-step self-study or for “dipping in” to support a specific teaching or learning need

• Certification: Successful completion of a certification assessment brings a CABI Academy certificate


Students can gain CABI Academy certificates in three levels.

• Foundation: For those new to the subject area and working under supervision

Practitioner: For those with some experience in the subject area, who wish to demonstrate they are able to work with minimal supervision

• Advanced: For those with experience in the subject area and want to demonstrate their ability to take a lead

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