Life-changing Plantwise programme joins the Million Lives Club

Farmers in Nepal
CABI’s Plantwise programme, which helps farmers grow more and lose less to crop pests and diseases, has become a Vanguard member of the Million Lives Club – an initiative that celebrates innovators and social entrepreneurs who are scaling impact in improving the lives of those living on less than $5…
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Demonstrating biological approaches for sustainable management of tomato leafminer in Kenya

CABI staff showing Tuta absoluta with farmer
Since 2014, the tomato leafminer has become the most serious threat to the sustainable productivity of tomato in Kenya, causing up to 80% yield loss. Almost 98% of farmers’ crop suffer from this pest and when using pesticides as a control method, only 27% of farmers report success. Building on…
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Rearing natural enemies to control crop pests in Pakistan

Parasitized mealybug by Aenasius bambawalei
Protecting crops from pests and diseases in Pakistan is still reliant on unsustainable pesticide practices. Between 1980 and 2004 the use of pesticide increased by over 6,600 percent, despite yields remaining stagnant over the same period. Since 2004, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods have proved successful for reducing pesticide use…
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Addressing scale insect threats in Kenya

Training session with taxonomists on scale insect collection
In Kenya, scale insect pests are damaging native trees and crops and, consequently, causing yield losses of up-to 91%. Smallholders’ awareness of the threats posed by these insects is low because they are small and cryptic, whilst local entomologists cannot easily identify them.
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Script launches science communication award for Master’s degree students and graduates

Science journalists
Science-based Master’s degree students and graduates in Africa stand a chance to win an expenses-paid trip and two-day mentorship at The Conversation Africa by writing a clear, concise and jargon-free 800-word article about their research.
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CABI’s Global Health provides free open access to aid Hurricane Dorian recovery

CABI’s Global Health – the go-to bibliographic database for the study and practice of national, regional and international public health – is making relevant content available for free to support the international relief effort following Hurricane Dorian.
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Plantwise plant doctor helping female farmers in Kenya
Worldwide, over 500 million smallholder farmers provide food for two-thirds of the earth’s growing population. Achieving a zero hunger world by 2030 depends on increasing the productivity of these smallholder farmers – but their crops face a significant threat. Yearly, an estimated 40% of crops grown worldwide are lost to…
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Script project paves the way for Uganda’s first Annual Media Convention dedicated to science journalism

SciDev.Net through the innovative Script project – aimed at nurturing the science journalists of tomorrow – has helped pave the way for Uganda’s first Annual Media Convention dedicated to advancing science journalism and communication
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Farmers in Malawi to benefit from space-age technology in fight against devastating crop pests

Farmers in Malawi are the latest to benefit from a CABI-led consortium, funded by the UK Space Agency, which is providing a Pest Risk Information Service (PRISE) to fight pest outbreaks that could devastate crops and livelihoods across the country.
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CABI shares expertise in new app to help reduce reliance on toxic pesticides

CABI has provided its expertise in crop pest and disease management as part of a new multi-lingual tool to help farmers in Mexico, India, Brazil, Colombia and Kenya reduce their reliance on more harmful and less environmentally-friendly pesticides.
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