Mass media campaigns can be effective in promoting safer crop pest and disease control, new study reveals

A new CABI-led study has found that mass media campaigns aimed at changing pesticide use to fight crop pests and diseases are more effective when farmers are exposed to multiple forms of communication. CABI scientists collaborated with colleagues from the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Department Board (RAB) to study…
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PlantwisePlus programme launches to help improve food security in Pakistan

CABI in Pakistan has officially launched the PlantwisePlus programme to help improve food security in Pakistan through more sustainable approaches to food production. The CABI-led programme will help the Pakistan Government and smallholder farmers predict, prepare and prevent plant health threats to help reduce crop losses and increase livelihoods. It…
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CABI scientist wins Outstanding Woman Award

CABI scientist Dr MaryLucy Oronje has won the Outstanding Woman Award at the Kenya Avocado Excellence Awards (KAEA) held recently to recognise individuals and organizations for their contribution to Kenya’s avocado industry. Dr Oronje, who is based at CABI’s regional centre for Africa in Nairobi, won the award for her…
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Case study explores a ‘One Health’ approach to crop and livestock care in Uganda

One health Uganda
The CABI Digital Library has published a new One Health Cases which explores how a ‘One Health’ approach to crop and livestock care in Uganda has been benefiting hundreds of smallholder farmers. The case study, entitled ‘How Crop-livestock Clinics Are Advancing One Health: A Pilot Case from Uganda,’ highlights the…
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Plans for digital plant health service in Malawi will benefit over 100,000 smallholder farmers

Woman in field
CABI is leading on the data organization and management of a new project that will see a digital plant health service established in Malawi to benefit over 100,000 smallholder farmers of maize, tomato, cassava, banana and groundnut crops. The Malawi Digital Plant Health Service (MaDiPHS) project, funded by the Norwegian…
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PlantwisePlus launches to help farmers in Ghana produce more and higher quality food

PRISE visit to Duayaden plant clinic du
A new CABI-led worldwide programme – PlantwisePlus – launches in Ghana to help smallholder farmers produce more and high-quality food. Special emphasis will be placed on improving extension services for the country’s female farmers who have limited access to extension advisory services, including plant health services due to various challenges.…
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