Building the policy ecosystem for organic production in Balochistan, Pakistan

Sectoral approaches to land management (increasing production, for instance) are no longer viable to meet global challenges such as poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation and food production due to mounting pressures from population increases and climate change. Organic production, however, is a more profitable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to agriculture that…
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Expertise shared in helping farmers reduce crop losses at first International Conference on Food Loss and Waste

Food waste and loss
CABI has shared its expertise in helping smallholder farmers around the world grow more and lose less to crop pests and diseases at the first International Conference on Food Loss and Waste which convened recently in China. Dr Ulli Kuhlmann, Executive Director, Global Operations at CABI, gave a presentation at…
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Capacity building of small-scale potato growers in Punjab Pakistan

Potato is an important crop in Pakistan for both consumers and producers. It is nutritious, produces high returns and there is a potential to increase yields by using good potato cultivation practices. However, a lack of knowledge concerning these is inhibiting many smallholder farmers in their effort to raise productivity.…
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Enhancing technology-based agriculture and marketing in rural Punjab

Punjab’s agriculture growth rate has declined over the last two decades because of various challenges. These include the inadequate availability of high-yielding cultivars and lack of diversification in cultivation, inefficient on-farm water management, poor infrastructure for value chain development, weak research and extension services that are largely disconnected from market…
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Mitigating pesticide residue limits on red chillies in Pakistan

Many less developed economies in Asia, including Pakistan, face challenges in conforming to international food standards and, in particular, pesticide maximum residue limits (MRLs), either because these MRLs are not established or because the MRLs are too low for farmers to comply with. Subsequently, affecting Pakistan’s ability to trade. This…
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CABI shares progress made on its contribution to food security efforts in Africa at International Year of Plant Health meeting

Plant clinics
CABI has shared progress its has made on its activities in Africa – particularly in respect of its contribution to food security on the continent – at an International Plant Protection Convention (IPCC) convened online conference held as part of the International Year of Plant Health. Dr Washington Otieno, who…
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