Mapping of weather and climate services for crop pest and disease management in Kenya comes under spotlight

The role of weather and climate services and digital tools for crop pest and disease management in Kenya has come under the spotlight as part of a stakeholder consultation held at CABI’s regional centre for Africa in Nairobi. The workshop was delivered by CABI as part of a collaborative project…
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Establishing a digital plant health service in Malawi

Pests and diseases contribute to 40% of food loss leading to food insecurity. Synthetic pesticides are the predominant control method but these are associated with negative environmental and health concerns. The extensive use of chemicals has sparked a renewed interest in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – an effective combination of…
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CABI’s commitment to climate change adaptation highlighted at COP27

CABI’s commitment to helping millions of smallholder farmers around the world adapt to the impacts of climate change has been highlighted at COP27, the global climate change summit held annually by the UN, which this year is being held between 6 and 18 November 2022 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Jonny…
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Biological control of Old Man’s Beard

Clematis vitalba infected with Longididymella vitalbae in the field
Clematis vitalba is a fast-growing vine that produces vast quantities of seeds and grows intensely as thickets over trees, shrubs and other vegetation.  Due to its rapid growth rate and ability to form large clumps, the plant can quickly outcompete native biodiversity and is dangerous to forests which is why…
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CABI contributes to BBC World Service programme exploring impacts of climate change

van was in South Sudan to assist farmers to manage FAW (1)
CABI's Dr Ivan Rwomushana has contributed to a BBC World Service programme which questions how Kenyan farmers are adapting to climate change. Dr Rwomushana, who is CABI's Senior Scientist, Invasive Species Management, based at CABI's regional centre for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, was part of the BBC World Service's Business…
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Biological control of tree of heaven

Tree of heaven invasion in Summerland, British Columbia (Lisa Scott, OASISS)
Tree of heaven, Ailanthus altissima, is a deciduous tree native to north-east and central China and Taiwan. It was brought to Europe and North America as an ornamental, but became invasive and is now an invasive species of concern in many countries, including Canada. Once established, tree of heaven is…
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