CABI and the Rainforest Alliance pledge working towards more sustainable agriculture

Plantwise Cambodia
CABI and the Rainforest Alliance have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on ways to help smallholder farmers around the world grow safer and higher quality food – and increase their incomes in the process – through more sustainable agricultural practices. With this partnership, producers will benefit from…
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CABI’s climate change commitment highlighted at COP26

CABI’s commitment to helping millions of smallholder farmers face the hazards driven by climate change will be highlighted at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) taking place this week and next in Glasgow, Scotland. COP26 aims to bring the world’s nations together to speed up action…
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Building the policy ecosystem for organic production in Balochistan, Pakistan

Sectoral approaches to land management (increasing production, for instance) are no longer viable to meet global challenges such as poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation and food production due to mounting pressures from population increases and climate change. Organic production, however, is a more profitable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to agriculture that…
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Urgent need for new approach to combat global grassland degradation

Grassland degradation
Global grasslands are a source of biodiversity and provide a host of benefits to humans, including food production, water supply, and carbon storage. But their future looks bleak without action to halt their degradation and promote their restoration, according to the authors of a new paper published in the journal…
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Promoting biodiversity in grasslands of the Swiss Jura

Swiss landscapes would usually be rich in biodiversity. But due to highly concentrated agricultural practices, the number of regional insects and plants found is declining. The Federal Swiss government is taking action and has introduced a scheme to promote ecological compensation areas that will encourage naturally occurring species. As part…
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CABI provides expertise in new guide to help protect biodiversity and all life on land

Seeds of change
CABI has provided its expertise on the importance of philanthropy in protecting biodiversity and all life on land – as well as how to prevent the introduction of invasive alien species – in a new guide produced by Swiss bank UBS. The publication, entitled ‘Seeds of Change: a guide for…
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