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About the book

This interdisciplinary textbook provides the reader with vital information and comprehensive coverage of foodborne microbial pathogens of potential risk to human consumers. It explains concepts through a food supply network model to show the interactions between how humans move food through the global food system and the impacts on microorganisms and risk levels of microbial food safety.

The text is supported below by customizable lecture slides for each chapter.

Chapter 1 - Food

Chapter 2 - Ecological Concepts of Foods and Definition of Pre- and Post-Harvest

Chapter 3 - Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors and Potentially Hazardous Foods

Chapter 4 - Humans and Microbes – Risk Analysis

Chapter 5 - Foodborne Infections, Intoxications, and Etiology

Chapter 6 - Gram-Positive Bacteria

Chapter 7 - Gram-Negative Bacteria

Chapter 8 - Eukaryotic Microorganisms of Concern in Food: Parasites and Molds

Chapter 9 - Viruses and Prions

Chapter 10 - Control Measures: The Case of PR/HACCP

Chapter 11 - Cost of Microbial Foodborne Outbreaks

Chapter 12 - Cost of Microbial Foodborne Outbreaks to Society

Chapter 13 - Cost and Benefits of Control Measures: Food Traceability

Chapter 14 - Impacts on Global Trade and Regulations

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