27 October 2016 – CABI has published its first open access book: Global Health Research in an Unequal World: Ethics case studies from Africa. With expertise in scientific research, publishing, knowledge management and communications, CABI’s goal is to put scientific know-how into the hands of the people who need it most. This new open access title helps do exactly that.

“We live in an increasingly interconnected world where health issues can quickly spread and impact millions,” says Chief Information Officer, Andrea Powell. “Open books like Global Health Research in an Unequal World help deliver knowledge to a wide audience of people, who can benefit from access to this kind of information.”

Written by Gemma Aellah, Tracey Chantler and P. Wenzel Geissler, this book tackles the globally important issue of health research, using a collection of fictionalised case studies. The book looks at everyday ethical dilemmas and challenges faced while doing global health research, focusing on places in the world where the effects of political and economic inequality are evident.

Co-author, Prof. Geissler, who works at the University of Oslo’s Institute of Social Anthropology, says, “To reach a wide range of individuals and organisations through an easily accessible platform like Open Books is invaluable. It means we can reach NGOs, students and scientific researchers at the lowest possible threshold, helping them to address the ethical issues that arise from their political and economic context.”

Johanna Crane, from the University of Washington and author of Scrambling for Africa: AIDS, Expertise, and the Rise of American Global Health Science, describes the book as “an essential tool for those committed to the hard work of scientific collaboration across steep global inequalities, and an inspirational example of engaged anthropology.”

CABI Open Books are freely available online at CAB eBooks upon publication and are accessible to anyone worldwide, ensuring distribution to the widest possible audience. They join other CABI products available under open access models such as the Invasive Species Compendium. The Open Book option is especially useful for organisations with a mandate to publish research under an Open Access agreement.

For more information, see CABI Open Books.

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