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Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Mononychellus tanajoa (cassava green mite)

The cassava green mite, M. tanajoa, is of Neotropical origin but was accidentally introduced to Africa in 1971 (Nyiira, 1972). By...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Citrus leprosis virus C (leprosis of citrus)

CiLV-C is a quarantine pest which causes an economically important disease, reported only on the American continent. During the...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Strawberry vein banding virus (vein banding of strawberry)

Fruit yield and size are affected and runner production reduced. In combination with strawberry latent C disease, SVBV reduced yield by 17%...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Iris yellow spot virus (iris yellow spot)

In 1981, de Avila et al. (1981) described a disease characterized by chlorotic and necrotic, eye-like or diamond-shaped lesions on onion...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Rudbeckia laciniata (cutleaf coneflower)

R. laciniata is a perennial plant native to central and eastern North America that has been introduced around the world for...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Melinis repens (natal redtop)

Melinis repens, commonly known as Natal grass, is a short-lived perennial...

Datasheet (Full)

P. quadrifida is a succulent, annual, mat-forming species that it is native to Africa and tropical Asia. It has been introduced into...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Coptotermes formosanus (Formosan subterranean termite)

C. formosanus is often transported by boats and shipping containers to port cities before being carried further inland via landscape...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Taeniatherum caput-medusae (medusahead wildrye)

T. caput-medusae is a self-pollinating, annual grass. It is originally from the Mediterranean region, occurring eastwards in Asia to...

Datasheet (Full)

Persicaria wallichii is a shrubby perennial herb that originates from the temperate, western regions of Asia and the Indian...

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