9 March 2015 – Global academic publisher, CABI, has integrated IT and Publishing to create a new Knowledge Business. The strategic focus on delivering knowledge solutions into all CABI’s markets will help the organization achieve greater scale and impact. CABI will bring the benefits of modern, flexible technology to all areas of its programme – in publishing and international development – taking it beyond the traditional face-to-face model of agricultural extension. CABI will also strengthen its library-facing offerings to take advantage of knowledge generated across the organization, bringing even more valuable content to the global researcher community.­­

Andrea Powell, who has headed CABI’s Publishing team for 10 years, has been appointed head of Knowledge Business in the newly created role of Chief Information Officer.

Speaking about her vision, Ms Powell commented: “This new structure underpins CABI’s mission to solve problems in agriculture and the environment in all the communities served by CABI – our development projects as much as our traditional academic research market. It’s a way of maximising the natural synergy that exists between IT and Publishing, in order to deliver a truly distinctive service that looks to the future of knowledge sharing.”

CABI’s CEO, Dr Trevor Nicholls, commented: “We’re increasingly moving into a knowledge environment. We’ve got to make sure we have flexible and modern approaches to capture content across the whole organization, packaging it in ways that are most appropriate to our target audiences, whether they be academic library users or smallholder farmers. That’s why I’m delighted to announce the creation of our Knowledge Business under Andrea Powell’s leadership as Chief Information Officer.”

The new structure is already helping CABI to play a more prominent role in the world of information, having been recently selected to host the secretariat for Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). The ongoing globalization of CABI’s IT function will maximize the skills in regional centres and nascent mobile centre of excellence in India, where CABI already focuses on the delivery of agro-advisory services to smallholder farmers using mobile phones.

In terms of its activities and strategic vision, CABI will increasingly focus on subjects and themes that cut across its functions, and continue looking for linkages between teams.

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