29 June 2015 – CABI is launching a new campaign to raise awareness about the impact invasive species have on the livelihoods of millions of people around the world.

We invite you to join our campaign and sign up to receive the latest information today, including details about our new forthcoming invasive species website.

WhatÂ’s the problem?

Millions of people living in rural communities are facing problems with weeds, insects, plant diseases and animals which are out of control and threatening their livelihoods. Many of the worldÂ’s poorest people are small-scale farmers. Invasive species take over critical farm and pastureland, destroying crops and killing livestock. Read our invasives brochure to get more information.

What’s the solution?

Working together, we can help solve this problem by:

1) Preventing new invasive species entering countries

2) Enabling new invasive species to be spotted and managed before they establish

3) Finding effective management techniques for invasive species already causing the worst damage

Join the campaign

CABI is leading the campaign, drawing partners together from around the world to look for and implement solutions. We will be launching a new website, highlighting the impact of invasives on livelihoods and focussing on some of the most damaging species.

If you want to find out more and be notified when the website is launched, please sign-up here.

Screenshot of IS microsite homepage


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