18 June 2015 РWe are delighted to bring you CABI in Review 2014. Each year, we publish an annual review to tell the stories of our projects and the impact they have on the farmers, extension workers, scientists, policy makers and professional practitioners we work with.

Looking at the individuals behind our projects, we introduce you to Joseph, a cocoa farmer living on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. After participating in a cocoa rehabilitation project, Joseph has grown his farming business, increasing his yield threefold. We look at how Basana, a tomato farmer in Kathmandu, Nepal, is using Plantwise plant clinics to help tackle plant pests and safeguard her income.

¬ďThe past 12 months have seen CABI deliver good growth of revenue and operating surplus, while also making excellent progress towards our long-term vision of being the ‘go to’ place for information on agriculture,¬Ē says CABI¬ís CEO, Dr Trevor Nicholls. “Through Plantwise, Direct2Farm, the African Soil Health Consortium and the Good Seed Initiative, we have delivered more information, with greater impact to more farmers than ever before, as well as putting in place studies and systems to measure that impact objectively.”

CABI in Review 2014 summarizes a year of strong progress. Our award-winning food security programme, Plantwise, reached nearly two million farmers in total last year. We were also part of two new initiatives: the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition and Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity. We continued projects to combat the spread of invasive species, empower smallholder farmers with the knowledge they need to raise their incomes, and strengthen plant health systems in support of trade and market access.

Our publishing activities remained strong, delivering revenue growth above the market average and increased profit contribution. We celebrated the 20 year anniversary of our award-winning Compendium Programme.

This year, we have made available four chapters from CABI books in a CABI in Review 2014 eBook that you can download for free. The chapters are relevant to sections of the annual review and have been taken from the following books:

Biological Control of Plant-parasitic Nematodes 
Biosecurity Surveillance 
Invasive Species and Global Climate Change 
Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems 

We hope you enjoy reading this report and, through the stories we include, discover how we are turning our goals into positive, practical action for the benefit of many people around the world.

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