12 September 2019 – CABI’s Global Health – the go-to bibliographic database for the study and practice of national, regional and international public health – is making relevant content available for free to support the international relief effort following Hurricane Dorian.

The focused area on Global Health on natural disasters that covers aspects such as sanitation, diseases, vulnerable groups, nutrition and mental health will be made open access, as a way of contributing to the recovery from the storm which devastated the northern Bahamas.

Fifty people have lost their lives in the Category 5 storm which hit the island on 1 September – with the majority of fatalities affecting residents on Great Abaco. Wind speeds reached 185mph and a storm surge as high as 23 feet was suffered as Prime Minister Hubert Minnis declared much of Abaco “decimated.”

CABI is making this relevant Global Health content free to access for three months. It is aimed at the public health professionals, researchers, academics and policy makers who will be vital to the recovery from the disaster by providing information relevant to the immediate and future needs of those affected.

Dr Wendie Norris, Editor Global Health, said, “Disasters, both natural and man-made, significantly disrupt the health of both the individual and the community.  In response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Dorian in CABI’s member country Bahamas, we will be providing free access to a collection of research records focussed on disaster relief from our public health database Global Health on its new customised interface.”

Recently, CABI’s Global Health was upgraded to feature a new interface allowing users to browse and search focused records, books, reviews and news across six key themes which include chronic diseases & ageing, environmental health and disease vectors.

In addition, the Global Health interface – which is hosted on the CAB Direct platform – enables the user to search and browse content by seven regions and selected countries. This allows access to the regional content and news that is important to the user’s individual study and practice.

Global Health database users can also access regularly-updated international environmental and occupational health news – with a special focus on the Bahamas – curated or written by CABI’s content specialists.

Dr Norris added, “In recent years, significant efforts have been made towards making natural disasters less deadly through national disaster management plans, and providing better public information on evacuation procedures, early warning systems and stricter building codes in earthquake prone areas.

“The information collection that we will be providing, addresses all these aspects and more. We aim to provide access to vital public health information relevant to immediate disaster relief and mitigating the long-term effects on people and their communities.”

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