Vietnamese’s HDTV reports on partnership who will create digital image recognition software to identify crop pests and diseases including brown spot of dragon fruit

CABI’s expertise on digital pest and disease management has been showcased on the Vietnamese TV channel HDTV. This follows the signing of an agreement to work collaboratively to create a digital tool for the recognition of pests and diseases including brown spot of dragon fruit – one of Vietnam’s most exportable commodities.

Dr Muhammad Faheem, Integrated Crop Management Advisor based at CABI’s Malaysia office, is part of a team liaising with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), BOM Software Ltd and Nhat Dien Agriculture Enterprise (NDAE), to create the technology which will help farmers identify and manage pests and diseases which threaten their crops, livelihoods and local, regional and national food security.

Muhammad Faheem on HDTV

Dr Muhammad Faheem on HDTV

Dr Faheem said, “CABI is providing the contents on pest and disease diagnostics and managements, and the validation of images/photos with national expert teams. The Plantwise Knowledge Bank app will provide existing contents and we will also develop some new contents which will also be uploaded to the platform.”

You can see the full HDTV report on YouTube