van was in South Sudan to assist farmers to manage FAW (1)

CABI’s Dr Ivan Rwomushana has contributed to a BBC World Service programme which questions how Kenyan farmers are adapting to climate change.

Dr Rwomushana, who is CABI’s Senior Scientist, Invasive Species Management, based at CABI’s regional centre for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, was part of the BBC World Service’s Business Daily programme – addressing the issue of food security amid rising temperatures – that also included Professor Rachel Bezner Kerr, from Cornell University, USA, and Oliver Furechi from the charity Practical Action.

The CABI scientist spoke about how safer-to-use and more environmentally sustainable biological control agents can tackle potentially devastating crop pests – including invasive species whose distribution and spread is affected by climate change – as part of an Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM).

Presenter Michael Kaloki also, as part of his road trip around Kenya, also spoke to farmers about their struggle to grow crops with the increasingly unpredictable weather.

BBC World Service

You can listen to the whole interview by clicking on the image above or here.


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