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CABI strengthens partnerships for development of biological control agents to control crop pests in Chile

CABI scientists test model to predict performance of biological control agent against Oriental migratory locust

CABI’s expertise in biological control of weeds in Latin America highlighted during Science Summit at UNGA78

Classical biological control of Japanese beetle

The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) is a pest that feeds on hundreds of fruit tree species, causing considerable damage. In the USA, costs to control the pest exceed $450 million per year. Global regions that climatically support the invasion of the Japanese beetle include central Europe where it is considered a high priority pest. This project is aiming to tackle the spread of the Japanese beetle by exploring the use of the parasitic fly, Istocheta aldrichi, as a classical biological control agent in Switzerland, where it arrived in 2017.

CABI shares expertise in FAO study paper exploring use of microbial and invertebrate biological control agents

CABI-led review highlights potential management options for fall armyworm pest in Europe