31 May 2017 – Dr. Ulrich Kuhlmann, Executive Director Global Operations, CABI, highlighted the importance of the CABI-China partnership after being honoured with the International Friends Award from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) in Beijing on 25 May 2017.

The ceremony was held during an International Summit on Agricultural Science and Technology Development, convened by CAAS, to recognize the 60th Anniversary of the founding of CAAS. The conference brought together over 30 senior delegates from key countries along the Belt and Road, as well as international and regional organizations and over 150 Chinese experts, to discuss important measures for the development of agricultural science and technology within the framework of the Belt and Road initiative.

Only four international experts received this award, which was presented by the ceremonies Chair, Mr Yu Kangzhen, Vice-Minister of Agriculture, China, and Dr Tang Huajun, President of CAAS with other high-level delegates. The award was presented to Dr. Kuhlmann for his many years of dedication and for the cooperation between CABI and China in the area of sustainable agriculture. Particular recognition was given to the establishment and successful operation of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)-CABI Joint Laboratory for Bio-safety, located at the Institute of Plant Protection of CAAS, Beijing, which is regarded by CAAS and MOA as one the best international joint collaborations.

Dr. Kuhlmann was delighted to receive the award, he said, “I feel extremely honoured to have received this prestigious recognition from CAAS, however I see this award more as recognition of the entire team. It demonstrates to me the strong partnership between CAAS, MoA and CABI.”

Going forward, Dr. Kuhlmann believes the award will ensure that current linkages are strengthened further and more collaboration on agricultural science and technology will be conducted within the framework of the Belt and Road initiative. Ultimately, these efforts will contribute to the planned establishment of the European laboratory under the umbrella of the MoA-CABI Joint Laboratory.

Pictured above are the four award winners, from left to right (front): Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann, Executive Director Global Operations, CABI, Switzerland (2012 Chinese Friendship Award), Dr Sanjaya Rajaram, Chief Executive Officer, Resource Seed Company, Mexico (2014 Chinese Friendship Award & 2014 World Food Prize), Dr Thomas Adam Lumpkin; Professor, Washington State University, USA (2014 Chinese Friendship Award) and Dr Ichiji Yamashita, Professor, Institute of Vegetable and Tea, Japan (2014 Chinese Friendship Award).

The award was presented by: Mr Yu Kangzhen, Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Tang Huajun, President, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Dr Wu Kongming, Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Dr Ren Wang, Deputy-Director General, Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Dr Mathew Morell, Director General, International Rice Research Institute.

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