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CABI and EWS-KT join hands to improve information accessibility in agriculture

CABI’s expertise shared at FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

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Enhancing technology-based agriculture and marketing in rural Punjab

Punjab’s agriculture growth rate has declined over the last two decades because of various challenges. These include the inadequate availability of high-yielding cultivars and lack of diversification in cultivation, inefficient on-farm water management, poor infrastructure for value chain development, weak research and extension services that are largely disconnected from market demands. There is, however, also the lack of advanced agriculture management supported by new technologies and innovations which can support sustainable agricultural growth in Punjab. This project will facilitate the rapid adoption of advanced technologies to strengthen value chains and improve the productivity and profitability of agriculture in Punjab. It will also enable further development and adoption of advanced technologies to benefit the agriculture sector while contributing to higher farmer incomes and improved livelihoods in rural communities.

Economic impacts of invasive alien species on African smallholder livelihoods

New study reveals use of antibiotics on crops is more widespread than previously thought