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26 March 2019 – CABI’s Global Health – the go-to bibliographic database for the study and practice of national, regional and international public health – has undergone a major upgrade which includes a refreshed look, extended content and new features.

Global Health now has its own interface and boasts more than 3.2 million records dedicated to public health, with full text hosted for over 100,000 articles including 375 CABI book chapters, 140 reviews from CABI’s very own e-journal CAB Reviews and over 500 news items from 2014 onwards.

The new interface allows users to browse and search focused records, books, reviews and news across six key themes covering chronic diseases & ageing, infectious diseases, disease vectors & entomology, health & wellbeing, environmental & occupational health and nutrition & food science.

In addition, the new Global Health interface – which is hosted on the CAB Direct platform and is aimed at a range of public health practitioners in academic and government settings, – provides the ability to search and browse content by seven regions and selected countries. This allows for access to the regional content and news that is important to the user’s individual study and practice.

Mary O’Connor, Head of Product Development at CABI, said, “Global Health is the leading specialist database dedicated to public health – completing the picture of international medical and health research by providing unmatched access to the world’s relevant public health research and practice.

“The latest upgrade comes after CABI sought and acted upon feedback from existing customers as well as conducting extensive market research to determine what potential users would value and like to benefit from in the product.”

As part of the news and alerts upgrade, for the first time, Global Health database users can now access regularly-updated international health news – curated by CABI’s content specialists – with a number of topical news items written by in-house editors.

Global Health also includes enhanced grey literature content and much more. Apart from these upgrades, Global Health continues to be updated with more than 160,000 records each year.

Mary added, “These significant improvements to Global Health are designed to keep users on top of public health developments around the world while ensuring that they have access to the most relevant information and research they need.”

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You can request your institutional free trial of Global Health and see how it can support your public health study or practice.

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