24 June 2015 РDr Dennis Rangi, Executive Director International Development at CABI, today met with Dr Stergomena Tax, Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), in Botswana. The purpose of the meeting was for CABI and SADC to discuss possible future collaboration in areas of common interest, drawing on each organization’s strengths.

SADC is a community that aims to achieve economic development, peace, security and growth, as well as alleviate poverty and enhance the standard and quality of life of the peoples of Southern Africa. Dr Rangi highlighted CABI’s work on a number of thematic areas relevant to SADC such as agriculture research, food safety, pest control and environmental conservation in a number of African countries, including some SADC member states. He commented how he believed collaborating with SADC would bring a great deal of positive benefits and added value to both organizations’ member states.

Dr Stergomena Tax highlighted a number of recent developments in the region, especially in relation to the approved revised SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2015-2020, which aims to deepen integration in the region with a view to accelerating poverty eradication and the attainment of other economic and non-economic development goals. She also commented on the SADC Industrialization Strategy and Road Map 2015-2063 and the Regional Agriculture Policy.

CABI and SADC agreed to work together in identifying areas of common interest with a view to formalizing the collaboration between the two organizations in future.

Image: Dr Stergomena Tax and Dr Dennis Rangi discuss CABI-SADC collaboration

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