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Cover for Furcraea foetida (Mauritius hemp)

F. foetida is an evergreen perennial subshrub. From the 1690s to the 1920s, F. foetida was taken from its native Central America and spread worldwide...

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Cover for Isometrus maculatus (lesser brown scorpion)

Isometrus maculatus, commonly known as the lesser brown scorpion, is a native species of Asia which now has an extended pantropical range. Its spread...

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Cover for Bacillus anthracis

B.anthracis is the causative agent of anthrax, it is a gram-positive, aerobic or facultatively anaerobic, endospore-forming, non-motile, rod-shaped...

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Cover for Xylella fastidiosa (Pierce's disease of grapevines)

Xylella fastidiosa has a wide plant host range and spectrum of insect species capable of serving as vectors which should increase the...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Erechtites glomerata (fireweed)

E. glomerata is a perennial herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae that is native to Australia and New Zealand and has become naturalised in northwestern...

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Cover for Acacia farnesiana (huisache)

A. farnesiana is an aggressive colonizer and is regarded as an invasive weed both in parts of its native range and where introduced, notably in...

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Cover for Plum pox virus (sharka)

Plum pox virus disease (Sharka) is one of the most destructive diseases of stone fruits. The causal agent, Plum pox virus (PPV) is easily...

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Cover for Pycnonotus cafer (red-vented bulbul)

Pycnonotus cafer (red-vented bulbul) is a noisy, gregarious bird distinguished by a conspicuous crimson patch below the root of the tail. It is...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Ricinus communis (castor bean)

R. communis is a fast-growing shrub or small tree which is a highly prolific and precocious producer of toxic seeds, very adaptable to different...

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