Impact of climate change on ticks and tick-borne infections addressed in new CABI book

The impact of climate change on ticks and tick-borne infections is addressed in a new book published by CABI that includes expert opinions and predictions, global coverage of trends in ticks and disease as well as an in-depth examination of climate change and tick distribution links. ‘Climate, Ticks and Disease,’…
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CABI to recruit global editorial board for a new collection of ‘One Health’ resources launching in 2022

One Health journal
In 2022, CABI will launch a new set of transdisciplinary One Health resources. Stressing the interconnections between humans, animals, plants, ecosystems and their shared environment, the collection consists of CABI One Health – an Open Access journal, One Health Cases – a curated collection of real-life examples of One Health…
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New book delivers novel conceptual and empirical studies on land governance and gender

Very happy woman working at Colombian coffee farm collecting beans and smiling
CABI has published a new free open access book which delivers novel conceptual and empirical studies surrounding the design and evaluation of land governance from a gender-based perspective. The book, ‘Land Governance and Gender: The Tenure-Gender Nexus in Land Management and Land Policy,’ edited by Professor Ucehendu Eugene Chigbu, includes…
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CABI book, ‘Healthy Soils for Healthy Vines,’ wins OIV award for Sustainable Vitiviniculture

We are excited to announce that Healthy Soils for Healthy Vines, a book written by Robert White, University of Melbourne, and Mark Krstic, Australian Wine Research Institute, and published by CABI, has won an award for Sustainable Vitiviniculture (wine growing). Granted by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV),…
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Joint crop and livestock services for smallholder farmers

Crop and livestock health is crucial to agricultural productivity and farmer livelihoods. However, in low-income countries, smallholders are often left without sufficient support to deal with crop and animal problems due to existing agricultural extension services being understaffed and underfunded. CABI’s work in plant health and plant clinics over the…
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CABI’s Tourism Cases opens new window into the world of tourism development

Tourism cases
CABI has launched a new publishing product – Tourism Cases – which opens a new window into the world of tourism development through a growing bank of case studies aimed at academics, students, practitioners and consultants. Experiences and expertise are shared in an initial free-to-search 30 cases studies – including…
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