Crop success celebrated in Zambia after farmers plant virus-free cassava cuttings

Smallholder cassava farmers in Zambia are celebrating success after growing their crops with clean cassava cuttings free from the potentially devastating Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) that threatens livelihoods and food security. Seventy percent of the 500 farmers in the Nsama District of Northern Province – that in February 2023…
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National Prosopis Strategy created with expertise from CABI and partners approved by Kenyan government

A National Prosopis Strategy (NPS) created with expertise from CABI and a range of partners has been approved by the Kenyan government to help protect the country’s environment, ecosystem services and livelihoods from Prosopis juliflora. The National Strategy and Action Plan for the Management and Control of the Invasive Prosopis…
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CABI makes progress to sustainably tackle invasive pest and weed as part of EUR €6 million ADOPT-IPM project

fall armyworm
CABI is making good progress as part of its role in the EUR €6 million ADOPT-IPM project aimed at using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools to fight economically important crop pests and weeds affecting major crops across Europe and China. ADOPT-IPM is an EU-China joint action set up by 32…
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EU-China joint action to increase the development and adoption of IPM tools

The persistent threat of invasive agricultural pests and their chronic re-emergence underlines the importance of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools and their implementation. Pest management typically relies largely on chemical pesticides, increasing the risks to humans and wildlife. Despite European Union and Chinese policies promoting the use of IPM, widespread…
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Silver fly could reduce pest threat to Europe’s €1.5bn Christmas tree industry

CABI scientists have contributed to research which reveals that the silver fly (Leucopis hennigrata) is a promising candidate to help protect Europe’s €1.5bn Christmas tree industry from a major pest threat. Nearly 80 million natural Christmas trees are grown each year in Europe with Germany accounting for 25% of production…
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Collating and publishing datasheets on impactful invasive species

Invasive species are of significant concern to ecosystems. They are a key driver of global biodiversity loss and species extinctions. Together with climate change, invasive species are causing irreversible damage. Without any mitigation, the spread of invasives will continue and the persistent damaging effects will increase and remain. Having current…
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