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Proteases of psychrophilic and psychrotrophic microorganisms from cold environmental habitats are distinguished from enzymes of mesophilic sources by a lower temperature optimum for activity, a lower thermostability, and a lower activation energy required for substrate hydrolysis, thus reflecting...

Margesin, R.; Schinner, F.
AgBiotech News and Information, 1993, 5, 4, pp 153N-157N

Research in progress in plant molecular genetics, in vitro culture, diagnostics, and soil ecology in the Ukraine is briefly outlined.

Sozinov, A. A.
AgBiotech News and Information, 1993, 5, 2, pp 79N-80N

Genetic complementation is a cloning strategy that works over large evolutionary distances. The method has been used extensively in prokaryotes and unicellular eukaryotes, and is now increasingly being applied to plants and animals. Recent work where plant genes have been cloned by genetic...

Ellerström, M.; Rask, L.; Ronne, H.
AgBiotech News and Information, 1993, 5, 1, pp 45N-48N

The project is described and its potential benefits are discussed. 17 gene linkage groups and over 150 loci have been assigned to specific chromosomes. The identification of marker genes linked to quantitative trait loci will allow the use of marker-assisted selection programmes.

Haley, C.; Brown, J.; McQueen, H.; Couperwhite, S.; Archibald, A.
Pig News and Information, 1993, 14, 1, pp 13N-16N

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