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This review selects the major agricultural insect and disease pests of agriculture in China, and discusses the implications for developing the use of remote sensing to improve their management. The most important crops were selected as those, which contribute more than 5% nationally in terms of...

Cock, M. J. W.; Tang Rui; Liu Zhi; Wan HuanHuan; McGillivray, L. A.; Thomas, S. E.; Cameron, K. H.; Zhang Feng
CABI, Wallingford, UK
CAB Reviews, 2016, 11, 014, pp 1-23

The genus Chrysoperla contains several important predatory biological control agents that can be used in augmentation programmes. Because they are generalist predators, they can be used in a wide variety of agricultural situations. There is significant potential for commercialization of Chrysoperla ...

Wang, R.; Nordlund, D. A.
Biocontrol News and Information, 1994, 15, 4, pp 51N-57N

This literature review was prepared as part of a programme on the development of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus as a mycoinsecticide against Bemisia tabaci. The Bemisia problem appeared in North America 10 years ago and has worsened over the past 5 years. It was thought that B. tabaci first became a...

Smith, P.
Biocontrol News and Information, 1993, 14, 4, pp 71N-78N

Of more than 570 entomophagous birds in China, about 30 species are of importance for pest control in agriculture and forestry. Their use for controlling pests in rice fields, forests and grasslands is reviewed. A brief summary of the history of using birds for pest control in ancient China is also ...

Zhang, Z. Q.
Biocontrol News and Information, 1992, 13, 1, pp 11N-16N

The use of parasites for augmentative biological control of insect pests in China is reviewed and discussed with particular reference to the use of Trichogramma, details being given of rearing methods, target pests (including pyralids on sugarcane and pyralids and noctuids on rice in Guangdong...

Cock, M. J. W.
Biocontrol News and Information, 1985, 6, 3, pp 213-224

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