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A description of the biology, dynamics and damage caused by Paradiplosis tumifex Gagné and Mindarus abietinus Koch in Christmas tree plantations in North America is reviewed from the literature. Information on the extent of natural control by native natural enemies is provided and the current...

Räther, M.; Mills, N. J.
CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK
Biocontrol News and Information, 1989, 10, 2, pp 119-129

The financial and commercial logic of developing new genetic strategies for broad-spectrum resistance to insects is described along with details of the isolation of a gene for a protein able to meet this criterion, namely the cowpea trypsin inhibitor, CpTI, developed by the Agricultural Genetics...

Barfoot, P. D.; Connett, R. J. A.
AgBiotech News and Information, 1989, 1, 2, pp 177-182

Biological pesticides are an attractive alternative to toxic conventional chemicals for the management of insect and weed problems. However, their production in the developed world has concentrated on high technology methods involving complex equipment and sterile culture conditions. These methods...

Prior, C.
Biocontrol News and Information, 1989, 10, 1, pp 17-22

A report from a short consultation sponsored by ICRAF and CABI, which aimed to develop research approaches to pest problems in agroforestry. The report starts with a short background paper by Huxley, P. A. and Raintree, J. B., which includes tabular and diagrammatic representations of agroforestry...

Agroforestry Abstracts, 1989, 2, 2, pp 37-46

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