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Singh, S. S.; Ward, W. R.; Murray, R. D.
Veterinary Bulletin, 1993, 63, 4, pp 303-315

An introductory overview of the work CIMMYT spans the period from the 1950s, when CIMMYT's predecessor concentrated on Mexican problems, to the present day (1992) when CIMMYT addresses challenges in 7 major agroecological zones worldwide, employing 25 senior staff working on germplasm improvement,...

Rajaram, S.; Varughese, G.; Abdalla, O.; Pfeiffer, W. H.; Ginkel, M. van
Plant Breeding Abstracts, 1993, 63, 2, pp 131-139

Genetic complementation is a cloning strategy that works over large evolutionary distances. The method has been used extensively in prokaryotes and unicellular eukaryotes, and is now increasingly being applied to plants and animals. Recent work where plant genes have been cloned by genetic...

Ellerström, M.; Rask, L.; Ronne, H.
AgBiotech News and Information, 1993, 5, 1, pp 45N-48N

Influence of dietary amino acid balance and protein level on feed intake and subsequent performance in growing pigs is discussed. Experiments are described in which the interrelationship between dietary lysine and protein was studied. Results showed that increasing crude protein content from 13 to...

Henry, Y.; Sève, B.
Pig News and Information, 1993, 14, 1, pp 35N-43N

The many patterns and hypothesized mechanisms that have been reported in studies of the parasitoid assemblages of phytophagous insects are reviewed. Most of these mechanisms involve differences in the responses of specialist and generalist parasitoids to the biology and ecology of the host species. ...

Towner, C. V.
Biocontrol News and Information, 1993, 14, 1, pp 13N-19N

Agroforestry encompasses a set of land use practices which aim to realize the benefits from growing woody and herbaceous species together, commonly by the addition of trees to land already being used for pasture or for growing annual crops. It thus concerns the ways in which the presence of a plant ...

Anderson, L. S.; Sinclair, F. L.
Agroforestry Abstracts, 1993, 6, 2, pp 57-91

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