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A review. Temperament of livestock species has been measured in numerous ways, and it is unlikely that all tests measure the same trait. Hence the different tests reviewed are categorized and the behaviours that are measured by each of the categories are discussed. Estimates of heritability of the...

Burrow, H. M.
Animal Breeding Abstracts, 1997, 65, 7, pp 477-495

A discussion. Now that the major objective of reducing backfat has been largely achieved, genetic goals are shifting towards reproduction, meat quality and ease of management. At the same time, rapidly advancing genetic technology, from electronics to molecular biology, is creating more options for ...

Webb, A. J.
Animal Breeding Abstracts, 1995, 63, 10, pp 731-736

This paper reviews the genetic and phenotypic parameters for various measures of growth, wool production and reproduction in sheep. Estimates from the literature of heritability and repeatability for these traits are listed, together with the statistical method of estimation, coefficient of...

Fogarty, N. M.
Animal Breeding Abstracts, 1995, 63, 3, pp 101-143

The number of published h2 estimates for some beef traits is sufficient to conduct analyses to determine factors affecting the estimates, and to make recommendations regarding appropriate mean values. A literature search found a total of 1656 h2s for 70 traits from 287 studies covering 45 years...

Koots, K. R.; Gibson, J. P.; Smith, C.; Wilton, J. W.
Animal Breeding Abstracts, 1994, 62, 5, pp 309-338

A review of work on the use of Chinese breeds as a component of the maternal line in different crossbreeding systems. Data on reproduction, growth and carcasses are considered.

Bidanel, J. P.; Caritez, J. C.; Legault, C.
Pig News and Information, 1991, 12, 2, pp 239-243

This review concludes that growth performance and carcass composition of growing animals are largely determined by relations between protein and energy intake and protein deposition. As weight increases, these relations are increasingly modified by sex and genotype. In the case of finisher pigs...

Dunkin, A. C.
Pig News and Information, 1990, 11, 2, pp 159-162

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