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This review begins by considering three uses of models: to describe a system (descriptive models); to generate management recommendations (prescriptive models); and to predict system behaviour and the consequences of management actions (predictive models). Three types of predictive model are...

Muetzelfeldt, R. I.; Sinclair, F. L.
Agroforestry Abstracts, 1993, 6, 4, pp 207-247

Agroforestry encompasses a set of land use practices which aim to realize the benefits from growing woody and herbaceous species together, commonly by the addition of trees to land already being used for pasture or for growing annual crops. It thus concerns the ways in which the presence of a plant ...

Anderson, L. S.; Sinclair, F. L.
Agroforestry Abstracts, 1993, 6, 2, pp 57-91

This article gives an overview of work in progress at ICRAF (the International Council for Research in Agroforestry, Kenya) and supported by GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) which aims to review the problems and potential of using woody perennials in agroforestry...

Baumer, M.
Agroforestry Abstracts, 1991, 4, 4, pp 179-198

This review describes research in progress by various institutions represented in, or individuals who are members of, the Agroforestry Research: UK Discussion Forum. The Forum is an informal group of scientists from the UK and Irish Republic, which was formed in 1986. It is based on a number of...

Sibbald, A. R.; Sinclair, F. L.
Agroforestry Abstracts, 1990, 3, 4, pp 149-164

The outcome of ICRAF's work on different kinds of tree/crop interface (TCI), initiated in 1984 and carried out at the Field Station at Machakos, Kenya, is outlined and the value of focusing research on this basic agroforestry unit is discussed. Appropriate field designs and assessment methodologies ...

Huxley, P.; Darnhofer, T.; Pinney, A.; Akunda, E.; Gatama, D.
Agroforestry Abstracts, 1989, 2, 4, pp 127-145

A report from a short consultation sponsored by ICRAF and CABI, which aimed to develop research approaches to pest problems in agroforestry. The report starts with a short background paper by Huxley, P. A. and Raintree, J. B., which includes tabular and diagrammatic representations of agroforestry...

Agroforestry Abstracts, 1989, 2, 2, pp 37-46

A review. Trends in soil conservation research and policy are discussed and the effects of trees and shrubs on the factors of erosion outlined. Brief experimental data on the rates of erosion under various land use systems involving trees are given (very little is available), and the use of...

Young, A.
Agroforestry Abstracts, 1988, 1, 2-3, pp 39-48

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