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The strategy of developing, testing, selecting, breeding and disseminating transgenic stocks is discussed. It is now possible to introduce foreign DNA into the germ line of farm livestock. The transgenic animals produced offer new opportunities for the genetic improvement of economic merit. Useful...

Smith, C.; Meuwissen, T. H. E.; Gibson, J. P.
Animal Breeding Abstracts, 1987, 55, 1, pp 1-10

The taxonomy of Stephanofilaria is discussed and morphological details of S. dedoesi, S. kaeli, S. assamensis, S. zaheeri, S. okinawaensis, S. dinniki and S. stilesi are listed in a table. It is considered that S. assamensis, S. kaeli and S. okinawaensis cannot be separated morphologically from S....

Johnson, S. J.
Helminthological Abstracts, Series A (Animal and Human Helminthology), 1987, 56, 8, pp 287-299

Certain synthetic β-adrenergic agonists (e.g. clenbuterol and cimaterol) when included in the normal diet of cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry increase protein deposition in the carcass (+15% approx.) and reduce total body fat (-18% approx). These effects occur in entire males, castrates and females. ...

Williams, P. E. V.
Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews, B (Livestock Feeds and Feeding), 1987, 57, 8, pp 453-464

The effects of certain factors (species, breed, age, sex, diet, general health and route and repetition of dose) on the toxicity of various organophosphorous compounds in laboratory and domestic animals are reviewed. The toxicological interactions of these compounds with each other, with...

Abdelsalam, E. B.
Veterinary Bulletin, 1987, 57, 6, pp 441-448

Chen RunSheng
CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK
Pig News and Information, 1987, 8, 3, pp 309-313

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