CABI scientists reveal evidence that a natural enemy of Asian fruit fly is two species with only one suitable as a biocontrol agent

CABI scientists have led new research which reveals strong evidence that a natural enemy of the prolific Asian fruit fly Drosphila suzukii – previously believed to be one species – is in fact two with only one of the parasitoid proving suitable as a biological control agent against the pest.…
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CABI produces Agricultural Transformation Plan for Pakistan Government to help boost economy by US$10bn a year

Better Cotton Initiative in Pakistan
Food value chain experts at CABI have worked alongside the Pakistan Government to produce an Agricultural Transformation Plan (ATP) which is aimed at boosting the country’s economy by US$10bn a year and creating millions of new jobs. Dr Mubarik Ali is team leader of the ‘Cluster Development-Based Agriculture Transformation Plan-Vision…
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Pandemic peaks interest in SciDev.Net

Covid nurse
SciDev.Net has achieved record reach of its science news as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe this year, due to its unique position as the only news outlet focussed on the impact of science on people in developing countries. Its content was seen more than 312 million times as of…
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More than 5 million farmers helped in bid to battle scourge of locust swarms in Kenya and Ethiopia

CABI development communications experts have joined forces with the Mercy Corps AgriFin programme to reach over 5 million farmers in Kenya and Ethiopia with advice on how to identify and tackle locust swarms which threatened to destroy their crops. Staff working from CABI’s Africa Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, teamed up…
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New corporate office builds upon CABI’s commitment towards a more sustainable world

Daniel Elger and Trevor Nicholls outside the new Wallingford office
The completion of CABI’s new state-of-the-art corporate office in Wallingford builds upon its commitment towards a more sustainable world as its innovative design leaves less of a carbon footprint amidst a landscape rich in biodiversity. Representatives from CABI, including its new CEO Dr Daniel Elger and former CEO Dr Trevor…
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Stronger international promotion of natural pest control in association with BioProtection Global

CABI BioProtection Portal welcomes BioProtection Global as an Associate The CABI BioProtection Portal – the ground-breaking online bioprotection resource, available on four continents – has strengthened its ability to promote the worldwide adoption of natural pest control by welcoming BioProtection Global (BPG) as an Associate. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)…
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