19 April 2016 РThe Plantwise Annual Report for 2015 has been released. The report is an update on programme implementation between January and December 2015. It lists key highlights, along with details on progress, lessons learned and next steps for each of the three programme components: Plant Health Systems Development, the Knowledge Bank and Monitoring & Evaluation.

Highlights include:

  • 4.5 million farmers¬†reached through plant clinics, plant health rallies, and mass extension campaigns;
  • Plantwise training courses delivered to¬†6,600 personnel,¬†with local trainers¬†responsible for over half of training for new plant doctors;
  • 1,859 plant clinics¬†established, of which 86 are equipped with digital devices;
  • Over¬†155,000 plant clinic queries¬†reported¬†from 30 countries;¬†
  • Positive outcomes¬†reported from external evaluations, farmer satisfaction surveys, and impact assessments;
  • Data Sharing Agreements signed with national authorities in¬†21 countries;
  • National governance bodies established in¬†19 countries;
  • Various¬†ICT-tools¬†developed, piloted,¬†and rolled-out;
  • Plantwise Partnership Agreements signed with partners in¬†26 countries; and
  • Plantwise Partnership Statements signed with partners in an additional¬†6 countries

Read the full report here.

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