22 October 2013 – CABI is supporting the world’s leading agricultural event, CropWorld Global 2013. The conference will take place in Amsterdam on 29-30 October. CABI’s Executive Director Publishing, Andrea Powell, and Director Strategic Partnerships, Janny Vos, will be speaking at the event.

Focusing on ‘Better Farmers, Better Trade’, Andrea Powell will discuss opportunities and challenges for linking smallholder farmers more effectively with commercial supply chains at the national, regional and global level. Her talk will include legal and corporate standards of product quality, food safety and animal welfare. Providing insights into food loss and waste reduction, she will look at better purchasing, investment and financing within supply chain management.

Janny Vos will discuss the Plantwise knowledge bank for research on ‘Distribution, Identification and Control of Agricultural Pests’. Her talk will concentrate on the mapping of new pest and disease data gathered by scientists, published sources and official bodies. She will also look at the potential for a global early warning vigilance tool to help avoid crop losses due to plant pests, as well as data-driven messages for evidence-based decision-making.

CABI is pleased to invite colleagues and members to attend this exclusive annual event by offering them a special rate. When registering online, a 20% discount on the selected conference package is available to CABI colleagues and members quoting ‘MP20’ as a reference.*

With the agricultural world facing numerous challenges in an effort to build a sustainable future, CropWorld Global delivers unprecedented content and information. The conference not only covers all prominent areas of agricultural development, but is also tailored to specific interests and expertise, such as critical information about recent and upcoming advances in all the key segments of crop science and agribusiness.

The conference has been built around the following modules:

Tuesday 29 October 2013

A) Crop Production

B) Crop Protection

C) Plant Breeding

D) Agriculture in the Developing Countries

Wednesday 30 October 2013

A) Water Resource and Irrigation

B) Agricultural R&D

C) Agricultural Supply Chain

D) Global Food Security

Bringing exclusive opportunities to network and meet with over 50 international exhibitors from countries like Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, the USA and the UK, global exhibitors include: Agrobase-Logigram, Agrokemia Sellye, Battelle AgriFoods, Bericap GmbH & Co KG, BioAgri, Food and Environment Research Agency, KeyGene, Lindsay Corporation, NSure, Tagros, Zelam.

The CropWorld Global 2013 conference brochure is now available online. Select your preferred conference package when you register online. We look forward to seeing you there.

* Delegate attendance includes access to the exhibition floor