27 November 2013 – CABI has been awarded UKAS accreditation for molecular identification of filamentous fungi and yeasts. By extending UKAS accreditation to include filamentous fungi and yeasts, CABI confirms its position as the UK’s leading authority for microbial identification and testing.

CABI, which already holds ISO 17025 accreditation for the molecular identification of bacteria, is unique in the UK, as it is the only service to be UKAS accredited for the entire identification process, including providing the name of the organism up to species level.

The organisation, which is led by 48 member countries, provides microbial services to academic and corporate customers across the industrial, biotechnology and agricultural sectors in the UK and worldwide.

“Receiving accurate identification and advice is business critical for many of our customers,” said CABI’s Director of Bioservices, Dr Paul Bridge. “The accuracy of our identification and testing services enables our customers to optimise production quality and processes, avoid spoilage and also facilitates trade and biosecurity through more robust quarantine advice.”

UKAS accreditation provides an assurance of competence, impartiality and integrity. Customers benefit from a high quality service operating to internationally recognised standards and receive reports bearing the UKAS symbol of quality, bringing national and international recognition to their business.

View CABI’s UKAS accreditation schedule and a full range CABI’s microbial services.