22 July 2014 – CABI is proud to announce 30 years as a UKAS accredited laboratory providing confidence and trust for our customers. The annual assessment undertaken in July to the internationally recognized standard, ISO 17025, demonstrates our competency, impartiality and performance capability. The initial accreditation in 1984 for mould growth and fuel testing has expanded considerably; we are now the only UK laboratory to offer on-site fungal sampling and the molecular identification of fungi, bacteria and yeasts to full species level. Our services are an excellent source of impartial advice and knowledge transfer. We facilitate market access for customers wishing to export accredited products and provide an independent evaluation to demonstrate due diligence.

Dr Paul Bridge, Director of Bioservices at CABI, said, “We’re delighted with the UKAS assessment and the unique position this puts CABI in. The technical assessors were happy with our competence to the extent that the name we provide is covered by the accreditation process. Our customers in the food and drink and manufacturing sectors, for example, can be confident that their samples are being treated properly and traceably, with the guaranteed level of quality they need.”

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